Achievements & Testimonials

I have the privilege of working as Sports Therapist for the HMS Prince of Wales, I joined the crew alongside the PTI's for their part in the Annual Field Gun Competition at HMS Collingwood Open Day in Portsmouth and for their efforts in the Armed Forces Weekend in Liverpool.


"Laura worked on my knees and legs after a double knee replacement, the care she provided helped me return to work earlier than anticipated.  Professional, caring and honest therapist - thank you Laura"

J. Stubbs, Oct 2016

"I suffered from Plantar Fasciitis, Laura's treatment was informative and effective.  She advised some minor changes to footwear, I can now work 12 hour shifts and play 18 holes with no pain"

C. Thomson, March 2015

"During field gun training I was getting spasms & cramping in my forearms.  After treatment by Laura I was able to train and compete with no problems at all.  I was amazed by the results of Laura's work - absolutely brilliant!."

I. Dryburgh, June 2017

"I suffer from arthritis in my shoulders, on going treatment from Laura has enabled me to continue with day to day activities - I can even go fishing again, something that was becoming problematic.  She puts you at ease straight away, I would recommend Laura to anyone."

M. Black, Feb 2015

"I have now used Laura Smith on two different occasions for two different injuries.  On both occasions she was very professional in her manner and in the way she conducted herself.  She explained everything clearly to me to help me understand what the injury was, her treatment was equally professional and impressive.  With the first injury (knee) there had been a niggly pain and stiffness for a few months after taking a knock.  After only a couple of treatment sessions I could feel a great improvement in the movement in my knee and after a few more sessions I was back to normal.  With the second injury (ankle) there was a lot of swelling and bruising, Laura taped up the ankle first which greatly reduced the pain and helped limit the limping.  Once the swelling had reduced, the treatment began.  After only a few sessions and some home exercises that she had given me to do, I was back playing badminton.  I would highly recommend Laura to anyone."

C. Dowie, Jan 2017